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5712 S.W. 35th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66614-4594
Phone: (785) 272-0711

P.O. Box 61
Larue, Texas 75770
Phone: (903) 876-4334


India Evangelism is a work of Russel Bell, a long time gospel preacher and evangelist. Russel has completed over forty trips overseas in the name of Christ. Most of these trips have included work in India. Russel concentrates on establishing congregations of the Lord's church and then follows up with these churces to help them grow and mature in the Lord. There are now more congregations of the Lord's church in India than there are in the United States. Many of these congregations are young and in need of help and guidance in the process of becoming mature churches of the Lord Jesus Christ. Russel visits these churches and helps them to grow in their knowledge of the Lord by helping to provide Bibles, worship supplies, support for their efforts to construct a building in which their congregation can worship, establishing preacher training schools, and any other support that might be needed.

As you might imagine, to do this work requires a great deal of support. Russel is always ready to accept donations in any amount to support the Lord's work. Please send donations to his home at his address listed above. Please make checks payable to "India Evangelism" or "Church of Christ." Russel is always glad to talk to anyone about our wonderful Heavenly Father and about the work, so please call him at his home telephone number above at any time.

Russel has written six books. Rightly Dividing the Word of God, Volumes I, II, III, IV, and V, and God, Man, Money. The Rightly Dividing the Word of God series is available for $5 each, and God, Man, Money for $10.

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All books can be ordered by contacting Russel via his mailing address above or by calling him at his home telephone number. All books are shipped postage paid. All proceeds from the sale of books go to the Lord's work in Inida. Additional informatinon can be obtained via email addressed to India Evangelism.

On this site are copies of Russel's most recent trip reports, his resume, and an article on the difficulties of providing financial and other support for churches in India without creating dependent churches that don't grow, entitled Learning to Give by C. Phillip Slate.

In Christian love

A ministry to assist churches, preachers, and church leaders to develop self-supportd churches
in India and around the world. Financial help may be sent to either of the addresses above.