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Russel Bell's India/Romania Report
January 13 to February 23, 2009

Dear Supporters and Interested,

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (I Cor. 1:3). Praise be ever unto our God who is always with me as I go about my Father's business in India. India continues to be the ripest harvest field in this world. We continue to teach and preach on leadership and giving back to God in the Sunday collections even in deep poverty as the Macedonian churches did (II Cor. 8:1-2). We spoke at 12 different meetings, emphasizing having elders and deacons in every church. At least half of my teaching and preaching is to preacher groups.

Jim O'Neal from Brigport, AL was my preaching partner on this trip, except for one week when he had other business.

A good part of my work remains purchasing and delivering needed supplies, Bibles, song books, good religious books in their language, worship supplies, help on church buildings, and bicycles. Listed below are the supplies and funds delivered on this trip plus statistics.

Statistics from this just completed work

2008 India Evangelism Projects

1. 10,000 full Bibles


2. 10,000 New Testaments in Telugu


3. 400 sets of worship supplies (communion trays,
bread trays, collection sticks)


4. 100 bicycles, transportation for preachers


5. 104 permanent church building helps


6. Sister Patricia's Orphanage


7. Plane tickets, hotels, food, etc.


8. Office supplies and stamps


           Total budget for 2009


We would like to add in 2009:
  2,000 more full Bible (10,000 total for year)


  10,000 New Testaments


           Total budget for 2009


With the help of many dedicated Christians and churches, half of the above projects have been paid for and delivered. When I return to India July 31st, I'll need the other half, $45,000, to complete these projects on my 48th trip to India. Will you contine to give liberally so this can be accomplished. These supplies and projects are so appreciated by the churches and preachers of India. God bless you in advance for giving generously. Please make your check payable to India Evangelism or Church of Christ and send to either of the addresses on this letterhead or in the enclosed, self-addressed envelope.

Things look good at Sister Patricia's Orphanage. We spent two days there with the 81 children.

There are now more churches of Christ in India than in the U.S. They are growing in number and maturity. Your donations to this ministry are helping to achienve this. God bless you.

Special thanks to the LaPoynor, TX, Church of Christ for overseeing our work. Also, special thanks to all the churches and individuals who support me, as well as providing the $90,000 for our listed India Evangelism Projects. My books, "Rightly Dividing the Word of God," volumes I, II, III, IV and V, are available at $5 each; and "God Man Money" at $10 per copy, postage paid. All money from the sales of these books go to India Evangelism.

If you have any questions, call or write. God Bless you.


Russel G. Bell

A ministry to assist churches, preachers, and church leaders to develop self-supportd churches
in India and around the world. Financial help may be sent to either of the addresses above.