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Russel Bell's India Report — July 4–August 14, 2006

Dear Supporters and Interested,

Grace, peace, and mercy from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with each of you. All is well with my soul and our family here in Topeka. God has given me one more wonderful work in Indian, Romania, and Germany.

What a blessing it was to have my son, Brian, and Al Parr with me on the first part of my 42nd trip to India. As usual, we fond the Indian people very receptive to Jesus. Al Parr is the preacher for the Corinth Road Church of Christ in Jacksonville, Texas. This church has helped support me for the last 26 years and continues. I have never had a better relationship with a church than this one.

Brian Bell, my youngest son, has charge of one of the two libraries at Washburn Rural High School, a 1600 student high school in Topeka, Kansas. He, being in education, I made sure this trip included speaking at Bell/Bennett English Median School, a K – 10th grade school with 750 students. We also visited a Bachelor of Arts Teachers College in Kavali, A.P., which also includes K – 10th grade plus degrees offered in computer science and other related fields. Brian and I both spoke at both these institutions, plus visited with the staff and students. Both institutions have very nice completed church of Christ' building built and paid for by these two private institutions. Brian and his mother, Pat, are very interested in orphan homes in India so we also visited four of these children homes, speaking at each, and, I might say, baptized at all four of them on this trip. All four of these orphan homes have churches and good church buildings. My wife, Patricia, along with several other Christian ladies and churches, send boxes of clothes and money to these orphan homes from time to time each year. As usual, we spoke at some schools of preaching plus held evangelistic meetings in different places.

Romania. My work in Romania was eight days involving two Sundays. I spoke in public meetings in some of the churches six times plus I taught 21 private Bible studies at the church building, mostly in Pitesti. Harvey Starling and co-workers arranged my lodging and transportation from and to the airport, food, teaching and preaching appointments, etc. We had a good work together. Harvey is doing a good job there and needs our continued support.

Germany. I arrived in the Bitburg area on Monday, August 7th. I spoke at Wednesday night Bible class, then preached a 3-night gospel meeting August 11–13 (Friday through Sunday), speaking three times on Sunday. All went well. Two ladies asked for the prayers of the church. I knew all the families there but one from previous gospel meetings there, but many had left and the church is small there now. I stayed with Van and Dawn Beasley who took care of my every need. I hope God will use me there again. All Seemed encouraged.

Statistics of this trip

2006 India Evangelism Projects

All these listed below have been fully paid for and delivered to faithful churches of Christ and their preachers.

1. 6,000 full Bibles in their language


2. 400 communion trays and cups


3. 400 bread trays


4. 400 collection sticks


5. 10,000 telugu song books


6. 100 bicycles (preacher transportation)


7. 104 church building helps


8. Sister Patricia Orphanage (62 children)


9. Postage and office supplies


10. 3–5 overseas trips per year


  Total paid for 2006


God bless each of you individuals and churches who provided the $70,000 each year. I only wish you could see the faces of the preachers and people who receive these helps. Their faces light up like we have given them a fortune. These supplies are so needed, well used, and appreciated. God bless you!

There are more churches of Christ in India that in the U.S. They are growing in number and depth of maturity. Your donations to this ministry are helping achieve this. God bless you. We need your help to continue these projects and to make trips. Please make checks payable to India Evangelism or Church of Christ and send to either of the addresses in this letterhead or in the enclosed, self-addressed envelope.

Special thanks to the LaPoynor Church of Christ for overseeing our work. Also special thanks to all the churches and individuals who support me, as well as providing $70,000 for our projects listed. My books “Rightly Dividing the Word of God” volumes I, II, III, IV and V are available at $5 each; and "God Man Money" at $10 per copy, postage paid. All money from book sales go to India Evangelism. Roy Lanier, Sr's book "The Church" will be released in Telugu, 10,000 copies in January 2007.

If you have any questions, call or write. God Bless you.


Russel G. Bell

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