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Russel Bell's India Report — July 15–September 8, 2003

Dear Interested and Supporters:

I have now completed my 36th trip to Indian and 68th trip overseas for Jesus. This trip is unique in that I spent half of it working Europe and half of it in India. The only American I worked with on this trip in India was Gene Reneau. We worked a week together in Aurangabad teaching in the school of preaching. God blessed me on this two-month trip in every way.

My work started in Brandon, England working with the church where Vice and Linda O'Donovan preaches. The church draws members from two U.S. Air Force bases, Mildenhall and Lakenheath. I preached a 3-night meeting there and stayed with an Air Force couple stationed there. My lessons were well received and I enjoyed fellowship with both Brits and our American military.

My next work was in Germany. I worked on 2 more U.S. Air Force bases, Spangadalem and Bitburg. A church at Bitburg serves both bases. I preached a 3-night meeting there as well. The lessons were well received, attendance was good, and the church was enthusiastic. I could not have been treated better. I stayed in two GI homes and really enjoyed them.

Romania. My work in Romania was eight days involving two Sundays. I spoke in public meetings in some of the churches six times plus I taught 21 private Bible studies at the church building, mostly in Pitesti. Harvey Starling and co-workers arranged my lodging and transportation from and to the airport, food, teaching and preaching appointments, etc. We had a good work together. Harvey is doing a good job there and needs our continued support.

Next, I moved to Romania where I preached in two cites, Pitesti and Craeova. I was received well in both places. I saw four baptized in the twelve days I spent in this country. My main work was to hold one on one Bible studies, 4 or 5 each day. Harvey Starline developed this work and it really looks good. He was good enough to invite me there and make all my needed arrangement including taxi, lodging, translator, etc. I met Harvey many years ago in India and we have been friends ever since. This was my second time to work in Romania. I delivered a total of 50 lessons in England, Germany, and Romania.

India, as usual, was a wonderful work consisting of a week in Aurangabad, 2 weeks in Andrah Predash, and the remainder in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It all went well. The following are the statistics.

Statistics of this trip

2003 India Evangelism Projects

1. 6,000 Bibles


2. 100 bicycles


3. 10,000 Telugu songbooks


4. 30 church building helps


5. 400 communion trays/cups


6. 400 bread trays


7. 400 collection sticks


8. $200.00 per month National Bible College


9. 40 children Patricia's Orphanage


10. Russel's overseas trips




Special thanks to the Rusk, Texas church of Christ that oversees my work. Also, special thanks to all the churches and individuals who support my family and me plus provide the $50,000 for these projects just listed and completed in 2003.

God continues to bless our India Evangelism. Churches of Christ are growing spiritually and in number. Pray for us and them. Hundreds of permanent church buildings are coming up all over India, but especially in Andrah Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. As soon as they are finished they fill up very quickly.

Please continue to support this ministry. I will need $50,000 in 2004 to repeat these needs supplies and helps. Make check payable to INDIA EVANGELISM or CHURCH OF CHRIST, and send checks to either of the addresses on this letterhead or in the enclosed, self-addressed envelope.

Please notice our new address. We are still in Topeka, but the other side of town. Notice the new address on the enclosed envelope and on this new letterhead. My books Rightly Dividing the Word of God, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all available at $5.00 each; God, Man, Money at $10.00 per copy. I pay postage. All money from book sales go to India Evangelism.

God bless you for your donation. Please pray for me. Call on me for anything. Please help me on 37th and 38th trips to India in 2004.


Russel G. Bell

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