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Russel Bell's Europe and India Report
Aug. 2 to Sept. 12, 2005

Oct. 1, 2005

Dear Supporters and Interested:

My travel outside the U.S. is now completed for 2005. I have made two trips to India plus worked in Capetown, South Africa, Romania, and Germany. All went well. With these trips I've now completed seventy-eight trips overseas, forty of them to India.

I spent a week in Bitburg, Germany working with the U.S. Air Force church, preaching a three-night gospel meeting, plus I spoke on a Wednesday night. I'm very proud of our Air Force and always glad to stop and encourage them. All went well. I will return there next summer.

I worked two weeks in Romania doing one–on–one Bible studies each day, plus preached at two of our churches each of the two Sunday's I was there. Harvey Starling heads up this work where he has developed seven churches in the last few years mainly through Bible correspondence courses and campaigns. It is always good to work here and see the progress.

I flew on to India where I worked these last three weeks with Danny Rader from Bridgeport, Alabama. This completes my twenty-sixth year in India. The work is still expanding very rapidly with a new church starting every day. I remind you that my main work is to try to provide some helpful books, printing 10,000 of each book in the Telugu language. All five of my books, “Rightly Dividing the Word of God,” Volume One, Two, Three, Four, and Five, plus “God Man Money,” are given freely to any Telugu preacher who will read them. We will try to have a book, ten thousand copies, on elders and deacons in the Telugu language by next spring as our goal for the next decade is to install qualified elders and deacons in hundreds of churches in India. We not only think this is possible, but likely. Please work and pray to this end. Everywhere I go, I speak on qualifications and the work of elders. My first job as I see it is to develop a depth of maturity in the churches of Christ in India.

Statistics of this trip

2005 India Evangelism Projects
All these projects were paid for and delivered

1. 6,000 Bibles 

$ 12,000

2. 100 Bibles


3. 10,000 Telugu Song Books


4. 105 Christian Building Helps


5. 400 Communion Trays


6. 400 Bread Trays


7. 400 Collection Trays


8. Sister Patricia's Orphanage


9. Postage Stamps and Office Supplies


10. Three or four overseas trips per year



$ 72,000

With special donations by a few special friends an extra $12,000 was raised and we provided 105 permanent church building helps instead of the 52 budgeted. The preachers and churches were so happy. Otherwise, 53 of these churches would have had to wait another year to complete their church buildings. God bless you special donors. With these generous donations and others all these were paid for plus 10,000 more church record books are not being printed, about $12,000.

There are now more churches of Christ in India than in the U.S. They are growing in number and in depth of maturity. Your donations to this ministry are helping to achieve this. God bless you. We need your help to continue all these projects and to make trips forty-one and forty-two in 2006 to India. Please make checks payable to INDIA EVANGELISM or CHURCH OF CHRIST and send to either of the addresses on this letterhead or in the enclosed, self–addressed envelope.

Special thanks to the LaPoynor Church of Christ for overseeing our work. Also, special thanks to all the churches and individuals who support my family and me plus provide the $60,000.00 for our projects listed. My books “Rightly Dividing the Word of God,” Volumes I, II, III, IV, and V, are all available at $5.00 each; “God, Man, Money,” at $10.00 per copy, postage paid. All money from book sales go to India Evangelism.

If you have any questions, call or write. God bless you.


Russel G. Bell

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