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October 1, 2009

Russel Bell's India, Romania, and Myanmar Report
July 31 to September 7, 2009

Dear Supporters and Interested,

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ” (Eph. 1:2). What a wonderful work God has given us in Romania, India, and Myanmar (Burma) this just completed trip. I am so proud of the Christians in each of these countries developing the Lord's work.

First, the churches in Romania are growing in numbers and maturity. It is always a pleasure to work with Harvey Starling and the Romanian Christians. I was there over two Sundays and spoke at five different churches on those two Sundays. Monday through Friday, I had a variety of classes: several good ladies Bible classes, several classes for the deaf, several good classes with individuals, and, sometimes, two or three individuals together. In all twenty-five lessons were delivered in my ten days there.

India continues to be a very bright spot in world evangelism. Thousands of people in India are becoming Christians each year. Hundreds of new churches of Christ are started each year. More churches are either appointing elders and deacons or working very hard to that end.

Churches in Myanmar are increasing. Around twenty of our Burma students from National Bible College have no returned to that country and started congregations that are now growing. We know of at least two schools of preaching now functioning there. We know of no institution or college in India that has had a more profound influence for the Lord's church in India and surrounding countries than National Bible College (NBC) in Chennai, India. We have now graduated more than 300 preachers and workers from NBC; 22 were from Burma. A good number of other schools of preaching have been started by our graduates; Aurangabad Bible College, North India Bible College in Chandagar, and schools in Nepal and Myanmar, to name just a few. All are good schools.

Facts about Myanmar (Burma)

This trip we were privileged to work with two other Americans. Vendall Dollarhide worked with us for two weeks. Vendall is head of Mission Printing in Arlington, TX. Not only does he do a good job there, but he did a really good job in India. He was well received by all. John O'Neal was my preaching partner in Myanmar for the five days we worked in that country. All went well.

Statistics from this just completed work

2010 India Evangelism Projects

1. 10,000 full Bibles


2. 10,000 New Testaments


3. 10,000 Telugu song books


4. 100 bicycles, transportation for preachers


5. 400 sets of worship supplies (communion trays,
bread trays, collection sticks)


6. 200 portable pulpits


7. help on 104 permanent church buildings


8. Sister Patricia's Orphanage


7. Plane tickets, hotels, food, etc.


8. Office supplies and stamps


           Total needed for 2010



All of the above items were purchased and delivered to good churches and preachers in 2009. We want to provide the same in 2010 in my 49th and 50th trips to preach and teach in India. Will you help?

Here is my plan to raise this $95,000. I am asking churches and individuals to donate $300 to $1,000 each. Some churches and individuals are donating twice each year and others are donating monthly. Any amount would be helpful and appreciated.

You can send your donations now or at any time. Please make checks payable to INDIA EVANGELISM or CHURCH OF CHRIST and send to either of the addresses on this letterhead or use the self-addressed envelope enclosed. Thank you for your support.

Things look good at Sister Patricia's Orphanage. We spent two days there with the 87 children.

There are now more churches of Christ in India than in the U.S. They are growing in number and maturity. Your donations to this ministry are helping to achieve this. God bless you.

Special thanks to the LaPoynor, TX, Church of Christ for overseeing our work. Also, special thanks to all the churches and individuals who support us, as well as provide the $95,000 for our listed India Evangelism Projects. My books, "Rightly Dividing the Word of God," volumes I, II, III, IV and V, are available at $5 each; and "God Man Money" at $10 per copy, postage paid. All money from the sales of these books go to India Evangelism.

My next work in India will be January 12th through February 22nd, 2010.

If you have any questions, call or write. God bless you.


Russel G. Bell

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