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Blind Followers of Blind Leaders

Matt. 15:14

God's Son was scourged, beaten, nailed to a cross, spat upon, mocked, ridiculed, had a crown of thorns placed on His head, and His side was pierced with a spear which broght forth blood and water. God's Son was subjected to a horrible death by crucifixion and on the cross he died. The question is "WHY?"

The apostle Paul, who was God's choosen vessel, was beaten with rods three times. The Jews gave him forty stripes save one. He was subjected to these stripes five times. He was stoned, thrown into prison, subjected to all kinds of perils including perils from his own countrymen and perils from false brethren who were teaching false doctrines. And, after all this suffering, tradition says that he was later beheaded. The question is "WHY?"

There was Stephen; a man full of faith and a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was stoned to death by the hands of the people around him. Again, the question "WHY?"

John the Baptizer lost his head because he was a faithful servant of God. He was beheaded while he was imprisoned. Question: "WHY?"

Last, our thoughts go to the apostle John. This man was taken from his home and cast upon an island called Patmos. Patmos is a barren island in the Aegean Sea miles from anything. He was a lonely man on an island; he was an outcast. Again, the question, "WHY?"

The answer to our question "WHY?" is found in the word of God. The apostle Paul, in writing to the church in Galatia, said, "AM I THEREFORE BECOME YOUR ENEMY BECAUSE I TELL YOU THE TRUTH?" (Galatians 4:16). This is our answer. The answer to our question is plain and simple. These men were trying to tell others the truth.

People then, as well as people today, do not like to be told the truth if it is contrary to what they have been taught by BLIND LEADERS and by those who teach false doctrines. They become "BLIND FOLLOWERS OF BLIND LEADERS."

Author — S.T. Hodges

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