S.T. Hodges



"Satan's Pattern for His Church"

"The Church of No Offence"

The following are words written by another person that I obtained from a newspaper article. I thought it would be worth passing on to those who love the truth of God's word. These words reflect the attitudes of our society today toward religion.


"I am thinking of starting a new church. Since, as we all know, the success of any church is measured in numbers, we will design this church to attract the people. Obviously, we can't stay too close to the scriptures in our teaching and beliefs because that's a turn-off to a lot of people. Let's face it, being literal with the Bible isn't popular with the masses today. So, we'll just touch on the positive, uplifting, and encouraging portions of scripture so everyone can have a "good feeling."

"We'll need to do a great deal of research, but not in the Bible! Research on people, what they like and what they want in a church. If they want female preachers and elders, we'll have them. If the people want us to be open and accepting of practicing homosexuals, never condemning their lifestyles and letting them teach, preach, and lead, we'll do that. We'll never say sex outside of marriate is wrong since most folks think it's all right.

"We will, at all costs, avoid making any statements about truth or trying to follow truth because most folks don't believe there is any truth. Suggesting you do sould judgmental of others.

"In fact, we'll have to be rather vague about who God is so as not to offend others with differing views. Jesus and the cross will have to be omitted totally. Lots of people find that too exclusive and brutal sounding. And since we want the big numbers, we can't afford to offend anyone.

"Do you want to be a charter member? Oh, I hope not!"

I urge you to think upon these words and do not do as the majority of the people of this world do. They accept any and all things that are contrary to the word of God. Do not be fooled by blind leaders. DO NOT BE A FOLLOWER OF BLIND LEADERS.

Author — S.T. Hodges

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