Sermon Audio Files

We are blessed to have David Baker as our gospel preacher for the Emory church of Christ. Here are some of David's gospel sermons. We are also blessed with other qualified preachers who can fill in for David when he is elsewhere and some of their sermons are also included here.

Some of these files may be in the Windows Media file (.wma) format because the comparative small size of these files make them easy to download to your Windows computer. Although these files will play on your Windows computer, they WILL NOT PLAY as they are on your .mp3 player. There are free programs that will convert .wma files to .mp3 files that WILL play on your .mp3 player. One of these is the Free WMA to MP3 Converter which can be downloaded at

Please click on the sermon title to listen to the selected sermon. A sermon can also be downloaded to your computer and played later by right-clicking your mouse while the cursor is over the selected sermon title and then selecting the download option in the menu that appears.

Date Sermon Title Duration Size File Name
Jan 18, 2015 Morning He Knows US 33min 43sec 7903KB SunAM_M.Wash._2015.01.18.mp3
Jan 18, 2015 Evening Finding My Place 28min 14sec 6618KB SunPM_D.Baker_2015.01.18.mp3
Jan 11, 2015 Morning God's Estimate of His People 31min 42sec 7434KB SunAM_D.Baker_2015.01.11.mp3
Jan 11, 2015 Evening Count the Cost 30min 15sec 7091KB SunPM_D.Baker_2015.01.11.mp3
Jan 04, 2015 Morning Difference Makers 30min 58sec 7259KB SunAM_D.Baker_2015.01.04.mp3
Jan 04, 2015 Evening Lord, Teach Us To Pray 24min 07sec 5656KB SunPM_D.Baker_2015.01.04.mp3
Dec 21, 2014 Morning Philip 32min 02sec 7510KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.12.24.mp3
Dec 21, 2014 Evening The Holiness of God 41min 49sec 9805KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.12.21.mp3
Dec 14, 2014 Morning Romans 11:22 27min 46sec 6509KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.12.14.mp3
Dec 14, 2014 Evening Where God Put It 25min 03sec 5872KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.12.14.mp3
Dec 7, 2014 Morning Look Under the Hood 30min 23sec 7125KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.12.07.mp3
Dec 7, 2014 Evening The Foolishness of God 26min 21sec 6177KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.12.07.mp3
Nov 30, 2014 Morning A Clear Conscience 26min 29sec 6211KB SunAM_J.Smith_2014.11.30.mp3
Nov 30, 2014 Evening Do You Really Know Jesus? 21min 27sec 5031KB SunPM_J.Smith_2014.11.30.mp3
Nov 23, 2014 Morning Decisions & Choices 27min 35sec 6468KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.11.23.mp3
Nov 23, 2014 Evening The Law of the Lord 30min 41sec 7193KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.11.23.mp3
Nov 16, 2014 Morning At What Point... 26min 17sec 6162KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.11.16.mp3
Nov 16, 2014 Evening What We Take For Granted 18min 21sec 4302KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.11.16.mp3
Nov 9, 2014 Morning What Sin Will Always Do 26min 12sec 6142KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.11.09.mp3
Nov 9, 2014 Evening Important Matters 25min 23sec 5951KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.11.09.mp3
Nov 2, 2014 Morning Mediocre 24min 41sec 5786KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.11.02.mp3
Nov 2, 2014 Evening Purity 29min 08sec 6831KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.11.02.mp3
Oct 26, 2014 Morning What it Means to be Acceptable 29min 03sec 6812KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.10.26.mp3
Oct 26, 2014 Evening Running to Win 30min 27sec 7179KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.10.26.mp3
Oct 19, 2014 Morning Meekness 27min 23sec 6421KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.10.19.mp3
Oct 19, 2014 Evening Suffering for the Christ 26min 54sec 6306KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.10.19.mp3
Oct 12, 2014 Morning Ecclesiastes 29min 22sec 6886KB SunAM_L.Camacho_2014.10.12.mp3
Oct 12, 2014 Evening Romans 1:7 31min 26sec 7371KB SunPM_L.Camacho_2014.10.05.mp3
Oct 5, 2014 Morning Jeremiah 37:1 25min 38sec 2010KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.10.05.mp3
Oct 5, 2014 Evening Being Like Jesus 21min 4sec 5102KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.10.05.mp3
Sep 28, 2014 Morning In the Wrong Place 22min 28sec 5270KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.09.28.mp3
Sep 28, 2014 Evening David's Memorable Battle 23min 58sec 5620KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.09.28.mp3
Sep 21, 2014 Morning The Contrast 27min 51sec 6531KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.09.21.mp3
Sep 21, 2014 Evening Ecclesiastes 34min 08sec 8001KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.09.21.mp3
Sep 14, 2014 Morning Our Best 30min 13sec 7083KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.09.14.mp3
Sep 14, 2014 Evening Thomas 28min 25sec 6662KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.09.14.mp3
Sep 7, 2014 Morning Go 28min 43sec 6732KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.09.07.mp3
Sep 7, 2014 Evening Our Approach to the Scriptures 30min 13sec 7086KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.09.07.mp3
Aug 31, 2014 Morning Five Questions 27min 53sec 6536KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.08.31.mp3
Aug 31, 2014 Evening A Simple Plan 34min 38sec 8121KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.08.31.mp3
Aug 24, 2014 Morning Church Change 30min 12sec 7081KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.08.24.mp3
Aug 24, 2014 Evening Achan 27min 02sec 6337KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.08.24.mp3
Aug 17, 2014 Morning Making the Right Choices 26min 01sec 6099KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.08.17.mp3
Aug 17, 2014 Evening Sound Advice 33min 07sec 7766KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.08.17.mp3
Aug 10, 2014 Morning When Silence is Wrong 28min 31sec 6686KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.08.10.mp3
Aug 10, 2014 Evening Reconciled to God 30min 40sec 7192SKB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.08.10.mp3
Aug 3, 2014 Morning Encoragement 26min 09sec 6130KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.08.03.mp3
Aug 3, 2014 Evening Do, Cleave, and Love 30min 34sec 7167KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.08.03.mp3
Jul 27, 2014 Morning Does One Really Mean One? 32min 04sec 7517KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.07.27.mp3
Jul 27, 2014 Evening What the Church was Designed... 26min 48sec 6283KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.07.27.mp3
Jul 20, 2014 Morning What the Prodigal Son Learned 24min 06sec 5651KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.07.20.mp3
Jul 20, 2014 Evening Blessed are those ... 21min 34sec 5059KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.07.20.mp3
Jul 13, 2014 Morning Dead Fish Don't Float Upstream 32min 50sec 7696KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.07.13.mp3
Jul 13, 2014 Evening Social Drinking 27min 43sec 6499KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.07.13.mp3
Jul 6, 2014 Morning The Barren Fig Tree 30min 14sec 7087KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.07.06.mp3
Jul 6, 2014 Evening God and Water 29min 40sec 6956KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.07.06.mp3
Jun 29, 2014 Morning Who Told You? 30min 03sec 7047KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.06.29.mp3
Jun 29, 2014 Evening Cherokee Children's Home Rpt 38min 52sec 9110KB SunPM_D.McGuire_2014.06.29.mp3
Jun 22, 2014 Morning Been to Worship 28min 25sec 6664KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.06.22.mp3
Jun 22, 2014 Evening Christianity Today 34min 25sec 8070KB SunPM_D.Banta_2014.06.22.mp3
Jun 15, 2014 Morning Perfect Love 31min 15sec 7327KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.06.15.mp3
Jun 15, 2014 Evening Lies and Their Consequences 30min 24sec 7127KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.06.15.mp3
Jun 8, 2014 Morning Philippians 2:5 47min 41sec 11178KB SunAM_C.DiPalma_2014.06.08.mp3
Jun 8, 2014 Evening Gifts From God 36min 08sec 8470KB SunPM_J.Savage_2014.06.08.mp3
Jun 1, 2014 Morning One More Day With the Frogs 27min 53sec 6540KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.06.01.mp3
Jun 1, 2014 Evening When Our Faith Becomes Sight 34min 26sec 8074KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.06.01.mp3
May 25, 2014 Morning Seeing Jesus 26min 08sec 6128KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.05.25.mp3
May 25, 2014 Evening Is Christ' Living in You? 31min 07sec 7294KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.05.25.mp3
May 18, 2014 Morning Challenges Facing the Church 33min 40sec 7894KB SunAM_M.Bransford_2014.05.18.mp3
May 18, 2014 Evening Jesus' Use of the Scriptures 34min 24sec 8067KB SunPM_J.Savage_2014.05.18.mp3
May 11, 2014 Morning What's More Important 30min 51sec 7234KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.05.11.mp3
May 11,2014 Evening Jesus Came to Give Us ... 35min 37sec 8352KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.05.11.mp3
May 7, 2014 Evening The Sovereign God 41min 38sec 9762KB WedBS_J.Rutledge_2014.05.07.mp3
May 6, 2014 Evening The Loving God 42min 33sec 9974KB TuePM_J.Rutledge_2014.05.06.mp3
May 5, 2014 Evening True Justice 41min 03sec 9622KB MonPM_J.Rutledge_2014.05.05.mp3
May 4, 2014 Evening The Holy God 38min 06sec 8931KB SunPM_J.Rutledge_2014.05.04.mp3
May 4, 2014 Morning How to Lose a God 43min 48sec 10269KB SunBS_J.Rutledge_2014.05.04.mp3
May 4, 2014 Morning From Lverlasting to Everlasting 33min 57sec 7958KB SunAM_J.Rutledge_2014.05.04.mp3
Apr 27, 2014 Morning The Two Covenants 27min 49sec 6523KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.04.27.mp3
Apr 27, 2014 Evening Without Christ 24min 36sec 5770KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.04.27.mp3
Apr 20, 2014 Morning Winning Team 27min 15sec 6391KB SunAM_D.Stuckey_2014.04.20.mp3
Apr 20, 2014 Evening The Unjust Steward 29min 06sec 6824KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.04.20.mp3
Apr 13, 2014 Morning The End is Coming 31min 35sec 7404KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.04.13.mp3
Apr 13, 2014 Evening Basic Attitudes 31min 56sec 7485KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.04.13.mp3
Apr 6, 2014 Morning My Burden is My Blessing 29min 18sec 6870KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.04.06.mp3
Apr 6, 2014 Evening Prayer 36min 31sec 8560KB SunPM_J.Savage_2014.04.06.mp3
Mar 30, 2014 Morning What Ezra Did 25min 22sec 5947KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.03.30.mp3
Mar 30, 2014 Evening The First Man Saved ... 28min 23sec 6653KB SunPM_J.Ratliff_2014.03.30.mp3
Mar 23, 2014 Morning Almost, But Not Quite 27min 31sec 6451KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.03.23.mp3
Mar 23, 2014 Evening How Would You Describe ... 29min 24sec 6892KB SunPM_R.Bell_2014.03.23.mp3
Mar 16, 2014 Morning Expecting the Impossible 28min 19sec 6541KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.03.16.mp3
Mar 16, 2014 Evening Mission Report 41min 20sec 9690KB SunPM_R.Bell_2014.03.16.mp3
Mar 9, 2014 Morning Is Your Religion Really Yours? 29min 09sec 6836KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.03.09.mp3
Mar 9, 2014 Evening How do You Know? 31min 58sec 7496KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.03.09.mp3
Mar 2, 2014 Morning Improvement 26min 34sec 6231KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.03.02.mp3
Mar 2, 2014 Morning Acts 45min 25sec 10647KB SunBS_J.Bray_2014.03.02.mp3
Feb 23, 2014 Morning The High Cost of Low Living 30min 47sec 7218KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.02.23.mp3
Feb 23, 2014 Evening Is the Bible Inspired? 23min 58sec 5620KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.02.23.mp3
Feb 16, 2014 Morning Who are They? 32min 03sec 7514KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.02.16.mp3
Feb 16, 2014 Evening What More? 32min 56sec 7722KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.02.16.mp3
Feb 9, 2014 Morning Who Will Stand in ... 29min 57sec 7023KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.02.09.mp3
Feb 9, 2014 Evening Leadership 27min 07sec 6358KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.02.09.mp3
Feb 2, 2014 Morning A Wasted Death 29min 48sec 6988KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.02.02.mp3
Feb 2, 2014 Morning The Apostle Peter 44min 04sec 10330KB SunPM_J.Bray_2014.02.02.mp3
Jan 26, 2014 Morning By God's Power 29min 27sec 6906KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.01.26.mp3
Jan 26, 2014 Evening When Jesus is in the HOuse 29min 13sec 6850KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.01.26.mp3
Jan 19, 2014 Morning The Downward Spiral 29min 36sec 6939KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.01.19.mp3
Jan 19, 2014 Evening I Can Do All Things 35min 59sec 8437KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.01.19.mp3
Jan 12, 2014 Morning I Am Resolved 32min 38sec 7651KB SunAM_J.Savage_2014.01.12.mp3
Jan 12, 2014 Morning Acts 45min 23sec 10640KB SunBS_J.Bray_2014.01.12.mp3
Jan 5, 2014 Morning Guilt 31min 28sec 7379KB SunAM_D.Baker_2014.01.05.mp3
Jan 5, 2014 Evening The Tongue 28min 25sec 6662KB SunPM_D.Baker_2014.01.05.mp3